This outline is taken from my 2nd board ever made, (hence the name) which miraculously has proven to be one of my most versatile boards. I believe it to be a perfect balance between a classic keel fish in the top 2/3rds and a performance twin in the last third right under your back foot where you want it. Of the friends I’ve leant the original to, it has come back labelled by them as a magic board, so it made sense to refine it into a model. It has all the ingredients of a fish: speed, trimming, drive, just with some elements of performance involved. The outline is slightly more pulled in than a classic fish, with a small wing in the tail. The wing is placed further back than the fins giving it a few more inches of hold before releasing. The combination of fin placement and wing gives it a great combination of drive and hold with just the right amount of release. Overall a very fun and forgiving twin that will have you stoked in a wide range of conditions.


SIZE RANGE: 5’3” – 5’10”

ogtwin turn.jpg