mordros twin

This is a board I first designed during a winter trip back to my hometown of San Diego. I wanted to make something that would go well in the overhead clean days at the reefs which come to life during a good Californian winter – a wave with enough room for such a long rail line to do its thing. I ended up loving the board so much I had to bring it back to the ever-changing conditions of Cornwall. It has proven to be endless fun in pretty much anything from 2ft mush to overhead barrels. I had so much faith in the versatility of the board, it was one of a two board quiver I brought on a recent trip to Indonesia. The long base upright keels and the double pin tail gives it crazy amounts of seemingly effortless speed and drive with no worry of slipping out. If you enjoy going very fast without working for it, I would highly recommend getting one of these in your quiver. If I had to choose one desert island board, this would be my choice.


SIZE RANGE: 6’6” – 8’0”

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