keel fish

Being a San Diegan born and bred, the classic keel fish holds great historic value to me. It is perhaps one of the most important surfboard design innovations ever. It is also probably the most common ‘first shape’ for many people, including myself. I believe it is very easy to shape a good fish but very difficult to shape a great one. My version of the fish is a modern take on the classic designs from the early 70s. One of the most common issues people had with the originals was the uncontrollability and reckless speed they carry. This was mainly due to the very straight rail line in the rear half and the parallel, upright keel fins. To combat these issues, I add some tweaks to the outline, including a slight hip right around the back foot and the keels slightly toed and splayed out as well as modern rockers and foils. The result being a very fun and forgiving fish that will have you flying past sections and driving through turns. I would suggest getting these short, wide and thin for the best outcome. My ideal wave size for these is anything from 1-5 ft. 


SIZE RANGE: 5’0” – 5’8”